Marina Gonigberg
A truly great
Speech Pathologist
Is hard to find
Difficult to part with
And impossible to forget
— Shannon Leadbeater
Marina has been seeing our 3 year old son for just two months and, apart from having a blast with her every session he has learned more than we thought possible in such a short time. In short, his progress has been incredible. Marina certainly has a way with kids, knowing exactly what toys our son would like and how to make him want to talk without any pressure! He responded well to her right from the very first meeting. Marina is very knowledgeable and has been good at adapting what she knows to suit our child perfectly. Thank you Marina. My husband and I, and our son, look forward to “working” (aka “playing”) with you for many sessions to come
— Rachel Kelly
Marina is an absolute treasure! She is kind, highly skilled and finds a way to empower kids to want to practice and improve their speech.

After years of struggling with articulation we were amazed to watch our daughter made huge strides in just a few short months. She is happier and feels so much more confident now that she is able to effortlessly make herself understood.

I highly recommend Marina for any speech-language concerns.
— Krista Bailie
Our son’s language difficulties had impacted his academics quite broadly. He has come a long way and would not be able to do it without the help of such an amazing SLP! Marina has been dedicated to working with our son for the past 6 years and we have seen a significant transformation in his overall abilities.

Marina comes with great professionalism and passion, working with him and never giving up on him. Even when work became more and more challenging in his high school years, Marina worked even harder and always believed in him. He gained the confidence and we saw tremendous improvements that he had recently successfully graduated high school with honors with a 20% mark increase in his final English provincial exam!

We are so proud of his accomplishments and we wholeheartedly thank Marina for the hard work she has done over the years!
— Proud parents of a High School graduate!
My son has been seeing Marina for the past 2 and a half years. After seeing several other SLPs I could see the difference in Marina’s approach and professionalism right away.
Marina’s lessons are well structured and prepared. They involve many different activities to keep the child interested and focused.

My son’s progress in stuttering and speech development are apparent and he simply loves to come to his speech therapy sessions. When we came to Marina my son’s stuttering was very pronounced and language skills were low. This year, one of the highlight’s of my 3rd grader was an eight minute memorized speech that he gave in front of the whole school.

I’m proud of his achievements and thankful to Marina for her work and commitment to teaching.
— Parent of Elementary School student
Our family has loved working with Marina and wholeheartedly recommend her as a speech and language therapist. Marina has a talent for connecting with children. We were particularly impressed with her ability to deliver rigorous speech therapy in such a fun and respectful manner that visiting her was a real treat for our child. It helps too that Marina has thoughtfully curated a closet full of games to make the therapy varied. For our novelty-loving and strong-willed child that made a huge difference. Being in charge of choosing the games helped our child to feel empowered and in charge of her own speech development. Marina also partners well with parents sharing ideas for speech practice at home.
— The Packwoods
I have known Marina Gonigberg for the past 14 years and can attest to her expertise as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Marina is creative, a good problem solver, a keen observer and listener, all skills contributing to her excellent diagnostic and intervention methods. What makes Marina unique is that she has always stayed abreast of current research and practices in the field. Given this, I was secure that my children were getting the best learning techniques for their individual needs.

Marina worked with my two daughters, both of whom had language based learning difficulties and were noticeably behind their peers in acquiring speech and language skills. Marina had many different techniques that she could rely on to try to help my daughters and tailored her therapy specifically for my daughters. She worked with them for 6 years and they were able to read, write and keep up with their classes.
— Corinne Jefferson
Marina has worked with our son, who has Cerebral Palsy for over 6 years. She has been a positive force in our son’s life, originally helping him with his oral motor skills, and now also helping him with his literacy and writing skills.

Over the years, Marina’s experience in the school system as well as her speech therapy abilities have not only helped our son become a better student but have helped us as parents navigate the system. Marina is a strong advocate for her students.

Marina has consistently been encouraging to our son, keeping him motivated and interested in maintaining and improving his oral motor skills.

She is smart, kind, thoughtful, innovative and fun. My son truly enjoys working with Marina, looks forward to his sessions with her and always gives his best for her.
— Heather Sirlin
Without reservation I recommend Marina Gonigberg as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

My daughter has been seeing her weekly for over a year. In my daughters words “Marina does very fun games with you and I like the work we do.” Marina is able to help her clients to learn in a way that feels achievable and fun. She understands what skills my child needs in order to be successful in life and in school. I appreciate that at the end of each session she takes the time to inform me regarding my child’s progress.

We have been grateful for her positive approach, it has helped our family better understand and support our child.
— Janine L.
We knew that our son was struggling in school with his reading and writing skills, as his older sister went through the same challenges. She ultimately went to Fraser Academy, a private school, which focuses on children with learning disabilities, in her case dyslexia.
We established that our son was in excess of two grades behind, and were advised to find a specialized speech therapist, who could help him overcome this deficit.

Marina has helped our son close the gap, and he is now reading and writing at grade level.
She has also installed in our son a level of confidence in order for him to stay in the regular public school system, for which we are very grateful.
— Pascal Leidekker
After receiving an educational assessment and being strongly advised to hire an Orton-Gillingham tutor on an extensive basis of 4 days per week, we found Marina Gonigberg.
We find her to be an expert in her field whose advice and strong work ethic has helped us to transform our son’s education and progress. We thankfully did not proceed with the intensive 4 day program offered through an Orton-Gillingham institution as it would have been a complete burden on our family as a whole.

Working on a private one to one basis in a home environment, once per week was and is exactly what we all needed. Upon meeting Marina, you instantly feel that she will be able to competently assist your child in achieving the child’s potential. The one hour per week is absolutely quality over quantity.
Marina understands the school curriculum and has sage advice on how to work with each individual student.

Marina has been working with our son on a weekly basis for the past 4 years.
He was just completing grade 3 and was not meeting expectations for reading or math, and his lack of focus was interfering with his progress.
Through working with Marina with her expertise, our son entered grade five meeting expectations in both writing and math.

Our son is now in grade 6 and his comprehension, his ability to perform well in math and his increased focus has brought his grades up dramatically. He is feeling confident going into class with his peers.
— J. Hasman
Having experience working with speech language pathologists from health units to specialized preschool, I can confidently say that Marina is the best specialist in this field.

As a speech language pathologist with broad experience she can assess complex situations and effectively create a unique plan for the individual needs of the student. Marina’s deep knowledge of the school curriculum, combined with alternative methods of teaching reading acquisition, gives her an unquestionable advantage.

In just a few sessions, our son who hated reading, transformed into a bookworm — he even gets in trouble with his teachers for reading during class. During her sessions Marina combines work on literacy with vocabulary and language development. This helps improve his self-esteem and increase success in school.

Marina is a unique professional and I regret that we didn’t meet her sooner.
— Natasha Terehoff
Our son started weekly sessions with Marina when he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 5. Since then, he has significantly improved his language skills and concept understanding. He is able to express himself more clearly, without frustration.

Marina is very resourceful and supportive, and brings a wealth of knowledge about kids on the spectrum. Her place is welcoming and full of games and toys: our son is always happy to go there and participate.

Thanks, Marina, for your great support in this journey.
— Parents of an amazing 7-year old boy
We started going to Marina when our son was around the age 3 with a language delay. Right from the very first phone conversation Marina demonstrated true professionalism, listened to our concerns and provided us with detailed information on what to expect from our sessions.

Marina is very open-minded in her approach and tried different strategies until she was able to reach my son.
She provides warmth and sensitivity to my child needs, but at the same time she keeps high demands to achieve progress.
Our son has made tremendous progress since he began working with Marina - he uses full sentences, talks more clearly and expresses himself better. He loves going to sessions and excited about meeting Marina.
As parents we learned a lot from the sessions and we are using techniques that she taught us at home.

Marina truly cares about the kids that she is working with and you can see how much thought she gives before each session, what activities to bring and what toys to use to engage the child more.
She defiantly thinks “outside the box” and is always open to new ideas, interested in other environments the child attends and looking for ways to improve.

I can’t thank Marina enough for how great she is, but I know that she is the kind of person that the hug that she got from my son last session meant the world to her.
— Parent of a 3-year old boy
We started seeing Marina a little less than a year ago, when our son was 3 years old. He came to Marina with a limited vocabulary. Now, after this short period of time, his language skills significantly improved and he is able to express himself clearly. In addition he learned his numbers and letters. Marina is an exceptional specialist and we know we made the right choice by choosing her as a speech-language pathologist for our son.
— A proud mother of a 4-year old boy
We contacted Marina prior to our arrival to Vancouver, looking for an SLP for our son who was then 4.5 years old, having communication difficulties. Marina was so kind to initiate an international phone call to help us understand how things work in BC and to connect us with additional local professionals that could supply us with advise. Since then, and throughout our 8 months of weekly sessions with Marina, her sincere concern and involvement are apparent.
Our son enjoys his sessions with Marina, and has made a huge progress with acquiring English and communicating. To my great astonishment he stays focused and engaged throughout the whole session. Marina made learning a fun and positive experience for him and he applies this beneficial approach at home as well as at school.
I wholeheartedly recommend Marina for a successful speech-language therapy!
— Yael
My daughter has been seeing Marina for a couple years now, starting at age 4. It was very difficult for her to start speaking English, as it is her second language. Marina helped her to build confidence in the new language while developing her articulation and literacy. We noticed the results immediately. My daughter is looking forward to every session. I’m very grateful to Marina for her dedication and hard work, and, by all means, would recommend her as a highly experienced professional.
— Olga
My 3-years old son has a problem with language development. Six month ago he started seeing Marina and I immediately noticed improvements. My son’s vocabulary increased and now he can use simple phrases.
I would like to thank Marina for her professionalism and patience, sessions specifically tailored for my son and nice and warm environment during these sessions. My son loves coming to Marina.
Again, enormous thanks to Marina and I wish every child that needs the help of a speech-language pathologist would be able to come to a professional like her.
— Mom of a gorgeous 3-years old boy
Our son Mark was 3 years old when we started attending speech therapy. We started with a different speech pathologist however, we did not see any results. When he turned 3.5, we have met Marina Gonigberg. Instantly we have noticed results in Mark’s speech. Marina has found a way to connect with Mark and keep him interested and excited about his lessons. Fast forward, Mark is now 6 years old and is able to carry on a conversation without struggling. He still goes to see Marina once a week. Even though, Mark has been diagnosed with a mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, Marina has taught him so many skills that we don’t even notice a problem in his speech. Not only that Marina taught him how to express himself, she taught him how to write as well before he started kindergarten. We cannot thank Marina enough. She is an absolutely amazing person and a great professional!
Thank you!
— Jane and Daniel
Marina started to work with our family by helping my son since before he turned 4. Marina is very patient, kind, warm and really effective. She was able to gain his confidence and at the very start, during their first session, she established a fun, but productive, relationship. She always finds new, innovative ways to motivate my son. Marina is well prepared and has a clear plan for each lesson and it is great to see how she manages to implement it fully each time. My son is looking forward to every speech therapy session with Marina.
Marina is just terrific and I recommend her strongly.
— Yulia
We came to Marina after having seen several other SLPs over the years, and I was immediately impressed by the organized, systematic approach that she used.

Our son saw Marina for seven years. During that time she set clear objectives and worked towards them, always encouraging our guy to stretch and grow in a gentle and very supportive way. The progress has been incredible, going from basic communication to graduating high school with honors.

More importantly, Marina helped our son to enjoy language and see it as a growing strength, which it definitely has become.
— Parent of High School Student
We sought Marina’s help when our son was already 15 years old and had lisped all his life. We weren’t too optimistic as he had already had many sessions with another speech pathologist in his more formative years. After only one session with Marina he was able to self-correct and after five more he was 100% lisp free! Her impressive skill set has afforded our son the opportunity to develop into an eloquent and confident speaker.
— Parent of High School Student
Marina helped two of my children for many years. She’s highly skilled, perceptive, insightful - and most importantly, effective. Marina’s patience and astute strategies result in respectful relationships, with healthy, dynamic rapport - and successful development of essential skills.

My kids, one of whom had a reading challenge and performance anxiety, learned to speak and read Hebrew with Marina’s engaging support.

I would recommend Marina to anyone with some learning differences, who might have sensitivities in other learning environments. Her direct, consistent, and appropriately flexible approaches seem capable of helping a wide range of individual needs. Bonus - she’s vibrant and personable, and truly cares about her students.
— Parent of two Elementary School students
Marina is very kind, patient and cares deeply about her students. She makes great strides during therapy and I am always appreciative of the special way she interacts with my kid. My kid really likes her therapy. It is also great that she often gives advice and suggestion to parent after the therapy. I have been amazed to see the improvements in speech and the increase in focus in my child in just 7 months. It is my great pleasure to work with Marina and I give her my highest recommendation.
— Fanny
We started seeing Marina a little less than a year ago, when our son was 3 years old. He came to Marina with a limited vocabulary. Now, after this short period of time, his language skills significantly improved and he is able to express himself clearly. In addition he learned his numbers and letters. Marina is an exceptional specialist and we know we made the right choice by choosing her as a speech-language pathologist for our son.
— A proud mother of a 4-year old boy
Marina has been our 6-year old son’s speech therapist for almost a year. She is a flexible, highly organized, hardworking professional, always prepared with a variety of strategies and tools to keep Vania engaged and learning. Marina developed warm relationship with my child, he loves to come to her office to see what games and activities she has in store for him. As a parent I would say that not only kids benefit from her service but the parents also do: as she has a huge experience, she is always ready to support with a good advice and recommendations. I would strongly recommend Marina as your child speech therapist.
— Oksana
Our daughter has been receiving speech therapy from Marina for more than a year and we are seeing definite improvement in her speech. Marina is an excellent speech language pathologist as well as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional, her advice was absolutely invaluable to us. Our daughter has trouble focusing on a task but Marina adapts the therapy sessions to keep her interested and create maximum results for the child. We very much appreciate Marina’s efforts and highly recommend her.
— Borisov Family
We were looking for SLP for quite some time and finally we found Marina. I can confidently say that it was the best result we could have hoped for. Our daughter is very picky with people, but she loved Marina from the first session. Our child’ progress is incredible. The positive changes in our daughter in the first month alone were more than the progress made in half a year with different specialists we have had before we met Marina! From that first session with Marina to this day, we can see weekly improvements in our daughter. I would highly recommend Marina to anyone looking for a professional, highly motivated and very talented speech-language pathologist!
— Elena R.
My 7-year old son had trouble speaking properly and would also exhibit echolalia. He unwittingly ruined his friendships by not responding appropriately in interactions with his peers. An example would be, ignoring a kind gesture or not engaging in conversation with somebody, but instead just talking continuously about his favorite topics.
When assessed by doctors, our son was diagnosed with both ADHD and ASD with no medication prescribed. It was not a welcome news, but it did explain a lot of things. Our son needed behavioral and speech-language therapy intervention. Thankfully, we found Marina, who is an excellent speech-language pathologist. After three months of weekly sessions with Marina, we already noticed improvements in his speech. His echolalia was almost eliminated and he was able to read books with less hesitation. Also his behavior changed and he is now responding more appropriately when interacting with his friends. The speech therapy Marina provided reversed a negative trend in our son’s life and I am now more optimistic about his future.
— Mother of a Grade 2 student
We contacted Marina Gonigberg almost 2 years ago, when we realized our 3-year old son had speech development problems. At that time, he was almost non-verbal and later we discovered that he had ASD which was the cause of his speech and language development delay. It was not easy for us to find an SLP who would speak Russian and we were very fortunate to come across Marina.
Marina has been using an endless amount of games and other supplies that kept my son interested all the time and helped develop his language skills. We knew it would take a lot of hard work and the results would take time, but we have seen outstanding results and my son loves his sessions with Marina.
Positive reinforcement training with Marina’s knowledge has been hugely beneficial. Today our son is not only freely expressing his needs, but can also maintain a simple dialogue with us.
We found Marina extremely professional and dedicated. The therapy provided by Marina has been very effective and rewarding. It is a great feeling to see our son improving every day. Marina has provided excellent advice, referred us to very caring doctors and is regularly in touch to ensure everything is on track. Marina is always more than happy to answer any questions and provide information and recommendations when necessary.
We are truly thankful for the help Marina provided to us and to our son.
We highly recommend Marina to anyone experiencing speech and language problems.
— Natalia P
Dearest Marina,

It has been a great pleasure working with you! Aiden has made significant improvements during the past school year. I highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Marina, you are very dedicated and knowledgeable in what you do. I am very grateful that you understand and able to point out to my boy what his strengths and weaknesses are. I have great confidence that Aiden will continuously do well with your guidance and teaching. Thank you Marina and I appreciate everything you have done for Aiden and our family! Have a great summer Marina!!
— Best wishes, Linda

We, as a family, would like to say, “thank you” to Marina for the amazing support she has given to our son Clyde. Since the time Marina have started to work with him, he became more open and confident. He can express himself freely now and became more assertive than before.
We are indeed grateful to Marina for being instrumental in the dramatic changes in our son’s language skills improvement.

All the best and God bless you.
— Sanchez Family
My Son’s Journey.
Alexander has multiple developmental challenges. Although clever, he still couldn’t read after Grade 1.
He had a below average vocabulary, his speech was often inaudible and he spoke either very fast or very slow.
Through a referral from other professionals we came to know Marina. My son’s daily experiences have changed from overwhelming to happier and successful ones because of his ability to read, comprehend, and express himself more with words. He started to shine, develop self-confidence and he has friends now.
Many thanks Marina.
— Erlyn
My son started to come to Marina when he was 3 years old. He was non-verbal and unable to make a simple request or to imitate. In a very short time we have noticed big changes in my son’s language development. He was always getting excited to go to Marina’s sessions and I am very sad that we have to leave her.
I really appreciate all the help we have received from Marina and I hope other kids with language needs can benefit from Marina’s work as we were.
— Pei, Mom of 3.5-year-old with autism
I absolutely love my lessons with Marina. She has reduced my accent by turning my mind in the right direction.
When I just started my course I didn’t understand pronunciation. With Marina’s help I can now see “the light in the end of tunnel”.
She is a very knowledgeable, competent and compassionate person.
I would recommend her as a Speech Language Pathologist to anyone.
— Natalia Sharp
Marina Gonigberg have been a speech language pathologist for our five-year-old son for the past six months, All along the way, Marina was not only professional, but also caring, passionate and attentive to our son’s needs. She went above and beyond to help our son.
We would like to share our deep-hearted gratitude to Marina.
— Ayana
Hello Marina... hope you are well and taking good care of yourself. Max has graduated with As and Bs, while working two jobs. Hooray!! He has now applied for the paramedic program in the Spring, but his desire ultimately is to become a doctor. He attributes part of his success to your sessions in that you allowed him to experience his capacity to achieve.... when his confidence was so low. Thank you.
— Kathleen
Our son has been working with Marina for the last 6 months. We have found her to be highly professional, very engaged and exceptionally warm. We feel she took the time to really understand Yahli and to create a relationship with him. I think that because of this created rapport with him, he has been more receptive to learning. He continues to make a lot of progress. We are very grateful we found Marina.
I am happy to recommend her to any parent.
— Lisa, Yahli's mother
Marina is an excellent specialist with many years of experience. She has an abundance of various working development materials and games to keep kids engaged and interested. Marina is a very sensitive, delicate, and responsive person with a personal approach. We are travelling from another town to have our child benefit from seeing Marina.
— Tanya
Marina is a professional in her field. Her knowledge and strategy implementation have helped my son build strong communication and social skills. His language was very limited when we first began lessons, and his sentence structure and language comprehension were poor. With her guidance however, he quickly gained the ability to express himself using complex sentences and abstract thinking. Whenever he ran into difficulties, she would immediately begin taking multiple approaches to the problem, tailoring her knowledge to our son.
Apart from difficulties with speech, he also has a problem with chewing solid food. At first it was a mechanical problem where he physically could not chew properly, but over the years it became more of a psychological problem where he became severely afraid of eating anything that wasn’t of a soft consistency. We turned to a company that specializes in these problems, and they were unable to help him. Marina, however, has broken down those barriers and step by step has made him feel comfortable around solid foods. She was able to find an effective approach that made him feel safe, and by this gave him the ability to overcome this fear.
Our son loves going to her for lessons, and they have built a strong relationship over the years. She truly understands his needs and aids him in ways that are fun and engaging, and always make him want to come back again.
Marina is very knowledgeable in her field, and we have had a pleasure working with such a kind, friendly, and dedicated person who has helped our son in so many ways.
— Mother of an 8-year-old boy
My daughter has been diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) since the age of 7. While she has worked with several speech language pathologists who have helped with her language and speech delays during the elementary school years, Marina was the first SLP I have encountered to truly understand what DCD was and how this impacted my daughter. Marina has provided valuable insight and feedback, to my daughter’s high school IEP. In addition, Marina was able to suggest some very beneficial academic strategies which speaks to her experience with the educational system and her passion help children achieve success. Now entering Grade 10 this fall, my daughter is thriving academically and socially. She is a solid A-B student with a positive attitude towards school. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have my daughter work with Marina.
— Angela W.
When I started to look for a speech-language pathologist for my daughter, I did not realize how difficult it is to find a good one. I have gotten lucky, and I found Marina. We came to Marina a year ago, when my daughter was 3-years old and her vocabulary at the time consisted of just a couple of words.
A year later, and my daughter speaks in full sentences.
My daughter loves coming to sessions with Marina. Marina quickly found the right approach to dealing with her, which is difficult to accomplish and not every specialist is capable of achieving. During the sessions, Marina uses games that my daughter likes to engage her in the work to be done.
During this year Marina helped my daughter to start communicating and prepared her for the school she will start in September.
Thank you very much, Marina for your dedication and wonderful work!
— Ann Triling
I would recommend Marina to anyone without reservation! My son was struggling to read at a Kindergarten level when we first started working with Marina. Within one year my son caught up three grade levels and learned to love reading! My son was always happy to see her and Marina was always so friendly and helpful when I needed to ask questions. I’m proud to say we have graduated from Speech Therapy, my son is fully at his grade level and we are thankful for Marina’s help!
— Andrea Hartley
Marina is fantastic, and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s child needs help. Each time we’re with Marina I am impressed with how warm and engaging she is with my daughter, and at the same time, incredibly informative and direct with me. Marina makes learning fun and my daughter is always happy to go and ‘play’ with her. We’ve worked with other SLP’s over the years, and that’s exactly how it felt... like work, my daughter would always resist going to those appointments. But with Marina, my daughter is just having fun, and at the same time, improving in leaps and bounds compared with her progress with other SLP’s. Besides how great she is with the kids, Marina has also been invaluable to me as resource and a guide through this journey in parenting. There were some tough decisions to make with regards to my daughters’ situation, and with Marina’s advice and encouragement, I feel like I’ve navigated it all perfectly. I really couldn’t have done it without her. I’m so grateful for Marina and her contribution to my daughter’s wellbeing. Anyone who gets to work with Marina is lucky.
— Nikky